Rice porridge & rosé wine

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    When I woke up today I went to my sister Mia's blog and had a good laugh, I have ridden with her until both her gaggy knees and hips have given up, when she and Frida were so heavenly cute and helped and painted in new premises on Wednesday ♥

    And then I compare the dinner I invite her to with the dinner she had with my sister Malin. She who actually hosts a three-course meal with me, gets a bowl of micro-heated rice porridge and a glass of rosé on the side haha.

    You can read her post "Agda 87If you want to see some pictures from the painting of the future salon, and this post if you want to compare my and Malin's dinner party hehe. Malin with her fresh bright decor, and a nice tray with sweets on the sofa for dessert, and I in our messy apartment and my dirty makeup brushes in the background;)


    Mia painted all the physically difficult things, all the big walls and one meter long rollers, while I sat and chilled on the floor with all the moldings and small pills.


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    Is it hard because it's so hot?" did I ask, "no, I'm alert! I just have a little pain in my body”. Haha, like it was better. She already has a lot of problems with her knees and stuff, because she works in a retirement home, which is not the easiest job…

    For eleven hours we painted, and only took a lunch break otherwise we worked constantly until it got dark and the color ran out :)

    And as a thank you, she got rice porridge for dinner in our dark and cramped apartment:


    But I take comfort in the fact that in a few years, then we will compare again but then I'm in Malin's place and she in mine;) And then I can buy cutting cards for full body massage for Mia as well, so that she is restored.

    No, now I will do a little work with upcoming blog posts during the day (a post on how to make up redness on the face without having to have a lot of coverage), and then I will go home to my mother and hang out with my sister Linda who is visiting! We have always hung out a lot, but now she has moved to Finland and is only here during the day, so I have to take the opportunity to fill Linda's abstinence :)

    Hugs are! ♥

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