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    Now I thought I would suggest a superb sun protection factor, because you do not forget to lubricate yourselves on Midsummer's Eve so that you do not burn yourself when you dance around the bar? Answer yes, I am still set on my ordered nice weather to show up at the last second, although it does not look so promising at the moment;)

    And I will also tell you about a cruel after sun, to you who are only set on rain and will be completely unprepared when the optimists' sun order really comes on Friday! You should never burn yourself, but should it happen, a good after sun gold is worth it.

    I have received a press release on two solar products from Rituals which I think is crazy good! :)


    Rituals Sun Protection Milky Spray spf 30 is a water-resistant sunscreen spray with both UVA and UVB protection, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin with white tea, Vitamin E and extracts from Ginko.

    I think it is super good! The spray (which is quite runny, like a soft lotion) could be a little more even, it is finely divided and easy to spray but in the middle of the jet there is almost nothing at all, so you press once and you spray a ring on the skin again do you understand what I mean?

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    But it is still easy to apply, and above all I like that it goes into the skin quickly. Hate sticky sunscreens. The skin feels soft and smooth, and non-sticky :) In addition, it smells super good!

    Costs SEK 200 for 200 ml, just spf 30 is sold out on their webshop (look into one of their stores if you have the opportunity, can be there!) But spf 20 is still available to buy if you want lower spf.

    Rituals Aftersun Hydration Lotion is a super nice aftersun lotion that cools the skin. You feel that it gets cold and tingles a little even when you have not been in the sun. Contains 30% aloe vera. The cream soothes and moisturizes the skin, and is good even if you have not burned yourself. After sun can make your tan last longer.

    The texture is a bit like a gel and goes quickly into the skin without feeling sticky.

    Costs SEK 145 and is available at :)


    Two thumbs up I say! ♥


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