Sunday post March 15

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    Oh what a mixed week!

    In this I would now have been at the Cosmoprof fair in Italy and had (hopefully) successful meetings with both producers and packaging manufacturers - and been full of inspiration!

    But instead I sit at home in bed with my cat and blog and it's not a crazy Sunday either;)

    The corona virus for small business owners

    As a self-employed person, I'm pretty nervous about the consequences of the coronavirus now…

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    We are just at the end of a low season of the year and long for (need) the spring and summer season now with a lot of bookings and the opportunity to save a buffer for the next low season again.

    In other words, we do not have a buffer for any crisis right now and we really can not afford to miss the peak season if this hysteria will continue.

    One moment I'm coal because we have not seen so many cancellations yet, the staff are healthy and we are always super careful with the hygiene routines at the salon with hand washing before / after the customers, disinfected tools, own rooms for the customers etc. but we work on just as usual. Our workplace is probably one of the safer places to be, I would say!

    At the second moment, I am afraid of just about everything - that customers will not dare to book an appointment anymore, that the staff must all be ill due to "colds" or that Sweden will force schools and workplaces to close completely.

    Had corona arrived this autumn, we would have had a little buffer to survive on, but now the financial stress is palpable!

    It's not only the company I worry about either but also my own personal finances, I kind of have all the savings in funds and shares (which you absolutely do not want to sell now!) And without either salary or access to my savings, it is not for a long time I have food on the table :)

    No, but you should not take out the accident in advance, the salon will continue to roll on as usual and the shares will soon go up again - and so it will be! ;)

    Thought it was a bit fitting with a train picture now haha. I went to Stockholm at 7.20 on Wednesday (should it be crazy rush then?) And said to Miska before "I will have to stand!" but there were a lot of empty seats because there are fewer public transport now, I guess?

    But it was lucky because then I could work during the trip :) Nothing bad that does not bring anything good with it!

    Press breakfast with Jolie Beauty

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    Some days I do tasks that are boring to take photos and blog about because it basically means that I press the computer at home at the dining table for 10 hours.

    But when there are planned things I have to go on, I try to collect them for the same day, it becomes more efficient! One such day I had on Wednesday:

    Press breakfast for in Stockholm. I have said no to press events in the last 3 years (due to too much with the salon and other things) but now I thought I would get better at all that again!

    You always get so spoiled at just press breakfasts ♥

    Jolie Beauty is a retailer of organic brands and has very luxurious products!

    I myself sold most organic before but thought it was difficult to sell, many people probably think that organic / natural = worse results? But that does not have to be the case at all!

    So I believe a lot in the niche "organic without removing the luxurious feeling" that Jolie Beauty has.

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    Top Makeupbylina be there! It's so much fun at press events because you always meet new people though also many "old goodies" that came already when I started going to events 7 (?) years ago.

    Make up at Disruptive Materials

    2. Then I hurried to the salon, packed my freelance bag and went to Disruptive Materials where I had a make-up job (photography for their website again)

    The girl I made up asked if she could take a picture of me and all the make-up and then she sent it to me :)

    "Mentor meeting" for the make-up brand and canceled trade fair

    3. Immediately after the make-up job, I was at a meeting regarding Cosmoprof being canceled. I had meetings with producers in Italy, but now it will be email and Skype instead and I got feedback on the material that I will send away.

    It goes almost as well this way at a distance, I think. But they have a lot now and some factories are closing down completely, so it can actually sink the whole project .. Hope not!

    Have no picture from the meeting though :)

    Meeting with SEB

    4. Then immediately after that (still on Wednesday) I had a meeting with SEB which took time because I had several cases we had to go through.

    Firstly, I started two new limited companies in January (I know, completely crazy) so it was a lot of paperwork to get an account, bank transfer and debit card for both companies.

    In addition, I had a financing question about one of the companies that did not seem completely impossible, so I sincerely hope that it goes to lock!

    Do you feel so professional when you have sat and signed paper for 1.5 hours?

    Press dinner with PIXI

    There are few brands that are as close to my heart and heart as Pixi! Love them!

    On Thursday, Pixi had a press dinner and showed news. I went there with the best Tove Castor which I have not met in a long time, just such a thing! ♥

    I get so HAPPY from Pixi !!

    We will actually include their skin care in the range is the plan, but will have to wait and see what happens to the corona crisis just before we make any major orders - in case there is any kind of crisis.

    Tove and Miska check out the goodie bag!

    Miska also received an invitation (so much fun!) And it was the first time he accompanied me to a press event! He was on the Blog Awards when I was nominated for Beauty Blog of the Year but otherwise he has not seen this "part" of my life. Not because that part is so big anymore but still :)

    I loved being with Miska, want him to come along every time now! ♥

    So wonderful evening!

    No, now it's almost 20:00 this Sunday and I thought I would have time for a little movie before I go to sleep, so I have to stop chatting here now. I've been tossing around this weekend too (but not with work stuff) so need some downtime in front of Netflix now and just chill down in bed before it's time for a new work week.

    Hugs to you all! :)

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