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    I do not see myself mostly as a makeup artist but mainly as an entrepreneur in fact, so it's extra fun that the podcast I am now a sidekick in is not about beauty but about entrepreneurship!

    A consultant guy in a suit and a "make-up girl", can it be such an instructive listening? Answer yes, actually haha! I think we complement each other well :) Tommy with his long experience as CEO and then several years of consulting work in both small, large and medium-sized companies. And so small I who recently made all the beginner mistakes but is driven by big goals and has learned extremely many lessons in a short time.

    Nice contrast anyway! :)

    About the podcast "Really Effective"

    The pod is about running companies both for middle managers and for those who own the company! I also think it can be interesting if you are not a manager if you are interested in leadership, goals and becoming more effective as a person.

    We cover topics related to leadership and staff, how to do to become more effective, about goals and how you reach the target image and the occasional anecdote creeps in too! :)

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    Episode 1 - Rights or responsibilities at work?

    Getting responsible staff is not the easiest thing to do. You give a salary increase, gym card, free coffee, Friday coffee, occupational pension, bonus and commission, adapted schedules, etc. but still there are many managers who give and give and give but get nothing back. Tasks are not done, people blame themselves, expressions like "I have not had time" are thrown here and there. The employees are nagging about their rights but are not prepared to take the responsibility that the business requires.

    This is not (usually not) due to poor staff or that the staff does not want to, most with few exceptions wants do a good job! But what does it depend on then? How do you get motivated staff who are satisfied and happy - while the business is functioning and efficient? This is our first episode about! :)

    Note the example was general and is not about my cute team at the salon haha. However, I have made many mistakes myself during my 4 years as a manager and have had many employees who no longer work with us, I have managed to gather so much experience anyway! Wow what I learned!

    You also get a little introduction about me and Tommy, it's a bit into the section because we jump directly into the subject. I listen to many podcasts and the first episode is always important but quite boring as everyone chats so much about what they will talk about later and has not really gotten warm in their clothes. We tried to avoid it and I think the first episode is good for being a first episode! :) 21 minutes long, it's just the right time!


    I think I managed to get the podcast to all places "where podcasts are", not to Spotify though :) Feel free to tell me if you miss it in any podcast app but I know that it is on Acast and Podcasts in any case, just that search for "Effective for real" and subscribe!

    Here is a direct link to Acast if you do not have the app.

    But you can also listen to the episode directly here in the blog:

    Why did we start the podcast?

    One day when sitting dumbfounded and listening to Tommy who always says such wise and inspired things, I said "you should start a podcast!”. It is difficult to stand out in the crowd of business consultants today and it is not only his methods that are good but mainly he as a person who is so good!

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    That's how he managed to get our little salon to make the big investment go ”the big package”With him with business development that stretched over a year, it was not something we were looking for but when we met him we realized how extremely much we needed it! I kind of think the company would not have survived for 4 years without Peragenda's help.

    So the purpose of the podcast is for Tommy to show more of himself to his future customers and to inspire! It is difficult to bring out his personality on a website and social media when it comes to such longer topics :) And for me it is partly fun but above all instructive, I suck in that knowledge I can get!

    So it is not intended that we will become huge and start making money with sponsors, etc., but do it because it is fun and too little marketing of ourselves :)

    Here we sit and record episode 2 which will come next week if everything goes as planned! The first episode was recorded in the evening after a long meeting, but in the second episode we are more on the hook on a Friday morning! :) That episode will be about time, do we really have so little time or is it just about priorities?

    I will be very happy if we get a response to the episode! ♥

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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