Green hair? 2 Best Hair Dyeing Tips!

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    How to get rid of green hair? You can get green shifts in your hair for several different reasons. Here are my 2 best hair coloring tips!

    My 2 best tips for coloring green hair:

    Metallic water - use ascorbic acid

    A common reason is to shower in a metal-rich water, for example if you live in an older house with old pipes. You can not do much about it, other than moving or replacing all the pipes.

    It can help to rinse the water a little before, e.g. that you shower your body or shave your legs first. Or be cheeky and always let someone else in the accommodation shower before hehe. But you will in any case get a lot of metals in your hair, more or less, no matter what you do. As I said, the metals can give green shifts in the hair, and also dry out the hair and it is not nice either.

    It can also get green hair from pool water.

    I have very metal-rich water with me, unfortunately. It is good for the hair to clean it out from time to time because as I said, the hair does not feel good from all metals. I also do it before hairdresser visits as color treatments can be different if you have a lot of metals in your hair.

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    That you should use ascorbic acid to get rid of green hair is nothing new, if you google green hair, the housewife tip will come up immediately. Now I have tested it myself and thought I would tell you how it went! :)

    help against green shifts in the hair

    Ascorbic acid is a pure vitamin C that is most often used so that canned fruit such as jams and marmalades do not get a brown tone, but retain their natural color.

    ascorbic acid hair

    I have not had green shifts in my hair yet, I have quite a lot of red tones in my hair now since I dyed myself more autumnal. This means that a lot of green is required for it to turn green.

    Red and green are complementary colors that neutralize each other. However, much of the red tones have disappeared so I suspect that some metals have accumulated in the hair now. Time for a cleanup! :)

    home tips against green shifts in the hair

    There are a few different recommendations on how much ascorbic acid to have, but here's what I did:

    1. Mix 2 tablespoons of ascorbic acid with 1 liter of water.
    Stir well.
    3. Shower your hair with shampoo (always 2 times)
    4. Slowly, slowly pour the ascorbic acid water over your head, massaging it into your hair at the same time with your other hand. Beware of the eyes.
    Let it work for a while, I shaved my legs and stuffed in between.
    6. Rinse your hair and finish with conditioner as usual.

    And do not make the same mistake as me and mix the ascorbic acid with lukewarm water, it felt icy cold when standing in the hot shower!

    It's a little hard to say how big the difference was because I did not have green hair, but I actually think it looks redder again so I give this housewife tip two thumbs up! :)

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    Get rid of green hair with pink / red wrapping

    You can also get green hair from silver shampoo, because blue and yellow turn green.

    Or as I did, dyed the hair turquoise and when it was washed out, the hair did not become nice turquoise anymore but a dull moldy green tone. Not just some green shifts right away.

    Another housewife tip is to remove with ketchup. Why? As I mentioned, green is neutralized by red.

    Ketchup is not a particularly sustainable solution. But there is a sustainable solution - color packaging!

    Then I applied red paint wrap and look at the result:

    get rid of green hair

    The packaging Maria Nila Color Refresh Autumn Red (adlink) is great! I have used it a lot, even when I was completely redheaded. Pink also works, I have used Maria Nila Color Refresh Pink Pop (adlink) also and also it works brilliantly. Both red and pink neutralize green.

    To get rid of this much green hair, I used the wrap directly in the hair. But if you only have green shifts, mix in just a click in your hair wrap or conditioner.

    In the post Blond balayage (naturlig blond hårfärg) har jag använt djuprengörande schampo samt en mildare färgad inpackning för att få fort den gröngula tonen i håret (inte lika illa som bilderna ovan). Klicka in i det inlägget för produkttipsen! :)

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    Hope you liked the post about my tips against green shifts in your hair. Feel free to send a comment about how it worked for you!

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    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Thanks for the tip! I certainly do not have problems with green hair, but to clean it between laps is not wrong. I have not heard ascorbic acid before, but bicarbonate to the scalp. Mix with shampoo or conditioner and massage into the scalp, rinse. Finish with conditioner as usual.

    2. you actually do not have to move / replace all the pipes to reduce the amount of metals. There are filters you can put in that prevent the substances that make your hair green from entering your shower water. My parents put one in and since then my mom has never had a problem with green tones.
      I used to mix a little ascorbic acid together with shampoo to massage them in instead of water, it also works :)

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