Uppsala residents

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    Good morning lovely you!

    This week, Miska and I are cat and apartment attendant at Annika's mother who is abroad on holiday, which means that we also live in Uppsala for a week! :) We have just woken up and have morning coffee in hand, wonderful!

    Incredibly nice to only have a few minutes to work, so you have no idea what we enjoy about it. It takes an hour by bus for us otherwise, so two hours every day you earn now + that you do not have to adapt to bus times, which you also earn time on. Otherwise you can easily think "there is no point in starting with this now because then it will be stressful before the bus leaves". But now it does not matter if you stay an extra quarter of an hour to finish what you are doing.

    Almost dangerously nice to get a taste of life as Uppsalabo;) Although almost lucky that we are not yet, it is easy to work a little for very almost. We were here from morning to evening both Saturday and Sunday, and it will be a 7-day week this week as well. But it does not matter for "we are so close to home now" haha.


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    Nyvaken Miska enjoying her morning coffee ♥

    cat guard

    And here I am and lovely Alice! Want to hug her to death, so soft! Cute aggression!

    Now Miska and I will go to the salon again, hope you have had as good a start to the day as we have had :)

    Hugs are! ♥

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      • Miska is a partner in By Her AB and works full time (more than full time) with us at the salon! :) He is the one who built the webshop, my blog, the salon website, and builds on our new common website. He has all the contact with suppliers and fixes everything like that around the webshop, orders, etc. And he works a lot at the checkout and things around that are also needed :)

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