Vishy Ideal Body Serum & Balm

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    I want to give two thumbs up to Vishy's two news in his new skin care series Ideal Body!

    The series that I got a press sample of a while ago contains four products for the body: serum lotion, balm and two different body oils. I have not put my teeth in the oils yet but started by testing the serum and balm.

    I will write in more detail about them both but can start by telling you that I think they are both fantastic! :)

    Features these two products have in common:
    * Contains 10 oils as well as LHA, Hyaluronic acid and thermal spring water.
    * Provides long-lasting moisture
    * Gives a smoother skin tone
    * Gives a firmer and smoother skin
    * Suitable for sensitive skin / hypoallergenic
    * Can be used on the whole body
    * Suitable for normal dry skin


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    Vishy Ideal Body Serum Lotion Is my favourite! I am usually quite careless with lubricating the whole body, but only lubricate where I know I can get dry, which is due to laziness and that the body is so "big" and it takes so long haha. But this texture is so thin and light on the skin that it is super quick to apply, and besides, I have probably never smeared myself with a cream that goes into heaven so quickly!

    You apply yourself super fast and in just a few seconds all the cream is inside the skin, and all that is left is a smooth, soft and moisturized skin that smells good :)

    The lotion contains oil from, among other things, yellow passion flower, rosehip, jojoba, apricot kernel and sunflower. It contains perfume and smells incredibly fresh! I probably would not call the scent mild, but it is very pleasant. I do not find the scent notes anywhere, but when you have smeared yourself in, it smells a little vanilla, I think.


    The bottle contains 200 ml and costs SEK 219, available at various pharmacies!


    Vishy Ideal Body Balm is a little fatter than the lotion and I usually first lubricate myself with lotion and then use this cream on my drier areas to get extra moisture there. The texture is incredibly creamy and feels really soft and luxurious, super nice to lubricate yourself with!

    This also goes into the skin quickly, but not as quickly as the lotion. I have tried to lubricate the whole legs with quite a lot of balm, just to test, and then it became a small film on the skin which then crumbled and "rolled" when you pulled your finger on the skin. I did it only for test purposes, but you neither need nor should use much at once, so there is nothing that makes me like the cream less.

    If you apply a thin layer, it goes quickly into the skin, and what remains is a silky smooth and soft surface! Absolutely wonderful!

    The balm contains oils from coriander, yellow passion flower, rosehip, blackberry and jojoba, among other things, and has the same good scent as the lotion.

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    The only negative, which is both common and something you get used to, is that the cream comes in a jar. And since you should not put your fingers in the cream, you need a spatula or spoon every time you use the product.


    The jar contains 200 ml and costs SEK 249.

    I have my dry areas that are always exposed in the winter, but this winter I have been so careful in these areas so I am not dry anywhere actually. So I can not express myself so much about the end result of the creams, if I had a dry skin, you could have seen more difference!

    I do not have directly uneven skin tone or such to see a difference either, unfortunately, then I would have used the creams longer to give a final review. But I'm so young so the skin is still firm and smooth, so if the cream keeps its promise on those points, I can not really comment on unfortunately.

    But I can say that the creams feel really luxurious and good, they get two thumbs up from me, and I think they can do the trick for many :)

    Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! ♥

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