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    Sometimes you just want to be completely unmade up, especially in the summer when everything is a little more relaxed and natural. And then you may have got a little color in the face as a help on the stack as well, which I have now even though it is with brown without sun from Eco by Sonya Lol.

    At the same time, you may not want to be completely unmade up, you easily find that you look tired and dull. You want to feel like yourself - and not look more worn than you are :)

    In any case, here is a "no makeup makeup", ie a make-up that looks unmade up - at the same time as you conjure away irregularities and emphasize both the skin and the eyes so that you look fresh and have a really fresh and nice glow!

    Hope the post is helpful ♥


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    On the model, I am completely unmade up. I'm a little wrong person to show this on as I already have permanent makeup, but I have still strengthened both eyebrows and eyes to show you as clearly as possible. But the difference between you without tattoos will of course be bigger :)


    The very best thing to do before the summer is to permanent and color the lashes, then they are dark and nice and have a nice bend constantly. However, I have done this for natural but visible lashes:

    Lash marking with black eye shadow in the scalp of the lashes.
    2. Bend the lashes with eyelash curler.
    3. Paint the lashes with transparent mascara (I have used wrinkle from Anastasia)
    4. Dab a little black eye shadow on the lashes before the gel has dried, and they get a discreet color.

    In addition, I have filled in the eyebrows a little with a blonde eyebrow pencil - Benecos Eyebrow Designer Blonde.

    The basic make-up is what makes the biggest difference, I think, I have used these products:


    1. Face Primer & Mineral Foundation
    I always apply with a face primer, regardless of whether I have a little or a lot of makeup. I use a debilitating (Paese Makeup Base Matte) but choose one that suits your skin type.

    And with foundation, I prefer mineral foundation especially when you want to look unmade, because you do not have to have it all over your face, but it is enough in the areas you need to cover. I have Zuii Organic Powder Foundation in the shade Cream in the picture.

    Many, like me, have quite large areas on the face that actually do not need coverage, I have some blemishes + is red around the nose and eyes, but otherwise the skin is very nice. So in these pictures I only have foundation where it is really needed and the rest of the face is actually completely unmade up! Around the jaw and almost the entire forehead, it is completely makeup-free.

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    2. Sunscreen & Rouge
    A little extra color on the face is never wrong, it creates both life and shape! I have used Paese Bronzing Powder (1M) on the sides of the face, as well Paese Powder Blush (43) on the cheeks. Be sparing with this, there should only be a hint of color and you should not look so made up.


    Paese Glow Powder is magical when you want radiance on your face! I have swept with the brush over the cheekbones, chin, upper lip, nose, all over the eyes and in the forehead. Super fresh!

    4. Eyes & lips
    In the picture to the right up here you can see when the eyes are made as well, as I described at the beginning of the post. And on the last "finished" picture I was going to offer, I also have a little discreet lip gloss conditioner:


    The lip gloss is Paese Balm Lip Gloss (625), which is a spring lip balm.

    Briefly - Be frugal with makeup, you have a lot of bumps like that make there is nothing if everything is not covered. Emphasize the beautiful instead of hiding what you do not like. A little make-up, a lot of luster and a big smile on it :) And do not forget a moisturizing day cream with a high spf!

    Hope you get a nice start to the new week ♥

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    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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