Nyx Powder Blush Rose Garden

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In certain periods, I test a lot of products and have lots of new things at home, and then it's like I write the posts "in my head" at the same time as I test everything. This results in that from time to time I am completely sure that I have reviewed some products in the blog even though I do not have it, because I have already written the post in my mind.

This is how it feels with this blush I was going to show you now, I want to remember that I have written about it but I can not find the post / pictures anywhere so I guess I do not have it haha. If I'm wrong and you have read a similar post about this already, you can just stop reading now;)


The blush I'm talking about is NYX Powder Blush in the shade Rose Garden, which is a nice pink that at the same time goes a little, a little in the apricot direction. In addition, it contains gold glitter!

Actually, it is a blush like this that is my favorite, a nice pink / apricot shade even makes gold look natural on the cheeks and you get a super nice glow in the skin! BUT this one contains unfortunately, unfortunately too large glitter grains for my taste. There is a difference between small glitter / shimmer and visible grains, large glitter grains do not look natural or give a nice effect in my opinion.

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Otherwise, I think it is super good, nice ash, pigment-rich and easy to apply on the cheeks, so this blush in one of the matte shades is probably absolutely great, I think, but have not tested any of them :)



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