Swatch - glo Skin Beauty Lip Pencil (8 shades Lip Pencil)

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    Here is another swatch post with one of our news in the webshop - glo Skin Beauty Lip Pencil! :)

    gloMinerals has had lipsticks in their range all the time, but I have chosen not to sell them because they did not really measure up in my opinion. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I now tested their brand new series of lipsticks with a completely renewed formula!

    The lip pens are classic pencils that are sharpened and are available in 8 shades!

    The lip pencils are a good middle ground between creamy and matte / dry. What I am looking for in a lip pencil is a texture that glides easily on the lips but then becomes completely matte, which fits in well with these. There are many lipsticks that are so creamy that it is like a lipstick in pen form, and then there are some (like gloMinerals were before) that are so dry that they are difficult to get even lines with. But these are the perfect middle ground as I said!

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    The lip pencil cares for the lips and contains antioxidants, moisturizing jojoba oil and vitamin E.

    Look how nice!

    I have not taken swatch pictures on my lips yet because it takes quite a long time, but it is something I have planned. Here, however, are a bunch of links with make-up where I have used these lipsticks!

    Burgundy Red & Golden glow

    Turquoise makeup

    Bon Voyage Makeup

    Pink glitter
    Mixed Metals Makeup

    Turquoise makeup
    Rebel Angel

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    Gray-brown smokey eye
    Light pink autumn make-up

    Two thumbs up, I and all our makeup artists at Creative Makeup say! :)

    Hugs are ♥

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