Make up pigment spots

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    Quite often get questions about removing pigment spots on the face. Most products and make-up tips I can take pictures of myself as I have very mixed skin with oiliness, pimples, dryness sometimes, a stubborn wrinkle, etc.

    The only thing (type) that is missing are pigment spots, and how to make up pigment spots is also a question that I get quite often. But now finally comes such a post! I got hold of a great model for this that I have made up today and now offer my best tips :)

    Of course, there are lots of different ways to cover pigment spots / make up pigment spots depending on what you like to use for products. But I will show you my best tips to get 1. a quick application 2. long durability and 3. a natural result that is not comprehensive all over the face.

    Therefore, I have made up her face halves in two different ways and with different products. I will show everything step by step further down in the post but here is before and when she was completely done:

    Make up pigment spots before and after

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    Make up pigment spots before and after

    Fint va? :) The different halves of the face are similar except that one is matte and the other has more luster.

    Before I go into exactly how I have done, I thought I would start with general tips to think about before choosing products or application methods:

    A concealer with a high degree of coverage

    Sometimes I have heard the make-up tip that you should have an enlightening concealer to make off pigment spots. And it sounds pretty logical too, not entirely impossible that I thought so myself before I gained more experience of applying makeup to many people with pigment spots.

    The problem is that if you only lighten a dark pigment spot, it will have the same effect as having a too light foundation on a dark-skinned person - the skin will be gray.

    Therefore, it is important to have a concealer with a high degree of coverage so that you cover the pigment spot properly and not just lighten it up.

    Warm tone on your concealer

    If a little of the pigment spot shines through, it can look a little gray. So a tone that goes for yellow or peach is preferable even if you have a cold skin tone.

    Use powder for your concealer

    If you have a very dark pigment spot, you may need a slightly thicker layer of concealer, and it can be more difficult than it sounds because if you just apply a thick layer with the cream, you often happen to "pull away" much of it when you want to fade out. the.

    My first powder tip is to powder the area before applying the concealer. Then it becomes as if it adheres better to the skin and you immediately get more coverage. The second tip is that I always prefer more thin layers over a thick one, so if you want more coverage than a thin layer of concealer, first add powder, then concealer, then powder, then a layer of concealer, and fix it with powder. There should be very little of each layer :)


    Both when you tone out your concealer and when you apply more basic products (eg foundation and powder), I recommend dutt movements instead of pulling with the brush. Because if you pull, there is a risk that you pull off the cover that you have worked on.

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    I also prefer to always use brushes if I want to achieve a high degree of coverage, ie do not apply or fade with my fingers.

    Do you want to cover your whole face?

    If you only have one pigment spot that you want to cover, this tip does not affect you in the same way, but is more for people with more pigmentation on the face. This is because when you sit in front of the make-up mirror and look at the pigment spots, you can easily stare blindly and then you cover just about everything and then you feel too made-up because you do not really want a full-coverage base.

    If this is the case - decide in advance which areas you want to cover the pigmentation completely on, and let some irregularities appear on other parts of the face. Then the whole make-up looks more natural and you have at the same time reduced the pigmentation to a very large extent.

    Because you must not forget that pigmentation and stains are very charming too :) When I make up people with pigmentation, they often agree with me about this, so it is not something that only "I who do not have pigment spots myself" thinks but most people want that I cover a little completely and let a little unevenness be visible.

    Option 1 for removing pigment spots:

    For the first half of the face, I have used mineral-based products from gloMinerals. The concealer is available in several shades (from light to dark) and you can mix the exact skin tone using the two colors in the jar. You thus get a high degree of coverage in the same color as your skin tone. Can be used for all types of foundations but I use it for mineral foundation today to show you.

    For mineral foundation, I apply the concealer before foundations, but if you use this concealer for a liquid foundation, you can choose whether you want to apply before or after.


    Concealer - gloMinerals Under Eye Concealer
    Powder - Palina Prowder
    Foundation - gloMinerals Pressed Base Foundation

    The entire product kit above and the application technology that I will show are good for you who want:

    • Mineral-based and mild products
    • A matte base, you can of course add a little luster afterwards but the base itself is matte.
    • Quick application
    • Varied coverage ratio. With these products, you can get full coverage of the entire face or a semi-covering result. Perfect for varying everyday life and parties, or if you want more coverage on certain parts of the face and less on other areas.

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    Here you see before and after the half of the face with these products, nice huh? :)

    Here's what I did:

      1. Powder the area with a transparent powder, very thin
      2. Add a layer of concealer. Fade the concealer by dabbing at the edges of the area. So do not smear by pulling with your finger / a brush on the entire pigment spot because then you remove all concealer, but do as when you fade out an eye shadow - fade out at the edge. For example. has Real Techniques good brushes!
      3. Wrap on a layer of powder so that the concealer is fixed. If necessary (not everyone does), add a little concealer and fix with powder again. This step was only needed on this pigment spot which is extra dark, on the others a layer of concealer was enough.

    Keep in mind that you should have foundation over this as well, so even though as much as possible should be covered at this point, it does not matter a little of the pigmentation is still visible, because there will be more coverage over this as well.

    Make up pigment spots 3 steps

    4. Apply mineral foundation with dab / pressing movements on areas with concealer. And in any way (massaging or dabbling) in the rest of the face. For example. has Real Techniques good brushes.

    I applied more foundation on areas with pigment spots and thinner in the rest of the face to get a more natural result.

    Then the coverage rate is complete!

    Option 2 for removing pigment spots:

    On the other half of the face I have used liquid products from Pixi. And unlike gloMinerals concealer which you choose a shade that matches the skin tone, this is a color correcting concealer, ie a concealer that is peach colored and not only provides coverage but also neutralizes the color. It is an effective way to cover just pigmentation because even if it would shine through, the color makes the skin not look gray.

    But all these peach concealers are quite light so they do not match your skin tone perfectly and are only suitable for people with relatively light skin. Can be used for all types of foundations but I use it for a liquid foundation today to show you. If the peach color is close to your skin tone, you can have it after the foundation if you want, but if it (as on my model) differs somewhat from the skin tone, I use it before foundation.


    Concealer - Pixi Correction Concentrate
    Foundation - Pixi H2O Skintint
    Powder - Bamboo Silk Powder

    The entire product kit above and the application technology that I will show are good for you who want:

    • Prefers liquid products and creams
    • A bass with lusts. If you like liquid products but still want a matte base, you can easily matte down with powder afterwards.
    • Semi-covering results all over the face, but completely covered pigment spots. Gives a very natural look.

    Here you see before and after on this half of the face :)

    On this side, the pigmentation is a little more spread out and not as clear spots but more "one area".

    1. Powder the area
    2. Apply a thin layer of concealer with a brush, e.g. has Real Techniques good brushes.
    3. Dab on more concealer if more coverage is needed somewhere. But on this side, no pigment stain needs more layers of powder and concealer than on the other side.
    4. Powder again to fix concealer.
    5. Apply foundation, be very light on the hand so that you do not smear the concealer.

    Make up pigment spots 3 steps

    Here you see the transformation step by step :)

    And with contouring, blush and filled eyebrows, she looked so happy :)

    In conclusion, I want to emphasize that the above tips in the post can be combined with each other as well, for example, the model decided to in the future to use gloMinerals Concealer together with Pixis foundation. This is because she wants a concealer that matches the skin tone if one day she just wants a little concealer and no foundation, and because she wanted to test Pixi's liquid foundation.

    If any of you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, either in the comments field or via email at! Can also tips on the post about that reduce redness of the face, check it out! :)





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    1. I have got pigment spots on the upper lip melasma and some spots under the eyes. Think it's so hard to get them covered! I have a concealer from the makeup store. Available in yellow and peach. Which is best to choose? Have googled me to death on color correting for pigment spots but there are only tips for blemishes and eyes. Thanks for the great tips!

      • Glad you think the tips were good, hope they can help you! Peach is better than yellow on pigment spots :) If you do not have a very warm skin tone and the yellow is full-coverage matches your skin tone (?) Because then it also works. The most important thing is that it is very comprehensive.

    2. Became a great result. You want to be even and nice in the face and not look made up. You are so good and want to convey your knowledge. Thanks.
      I have a problem with pigment spots and then I have spots that lack pigment, ie they are completely white. It will be a very spotty impression. Do you think that a full-coverage concealer will also cover the white spots?
      If you use high SPF on the face, several shades are always lighter on the face than on the rest of the body. Tips to make it look natural.

      • Hello Maria! Thank you for your kind words :)
        Yes, a full-coverage concealer works absolutely for white pigment changes as well, and then you do the same, but it is faster to cover a light spot because it will not shine through in the same way. However, you should not have a peach colored one that is one of the options in the posts but match your skin tone. Or rather, your foundation tone.

        If you are light in the face, a foundation that matches the décolleté / shoulders, and place your foundation also down to the neck a little so that it goes together with the shade of the shoulders and the décolleté. Then you choose a concealer that is in the same tone as your skin is when you have the foundation on you.

        Shout out if you have more questions! :)

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