Reduce redness on the face (Product tips)

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    Lately I have received a lot of response when I posted info about Redness Relief Powder and realize that there are very many out there who just like me have a lot of redness in the skin and want to reduce redness in the face. :)

    Therefore, here comes another tip - primer that neutralizes redness!

    paese primer Reduce redness on the face

    Paese Makeup Base are face primers available for the different skin types / skin conditions:

    • Mattifying for oily skin (also works for combination skin if you are both dry and oily)
    • Smoothing for dry skin
    • Correcting that reduces redness in the skin

    And it's the latter, Correcting, that I'll show you today! :)

    How does Paese Makeup Base - Correcting work?

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    The primer contains a green-tinted glow which reduces redness in the skin in a very discreet way. Can be used alone on the skin or under foundation.

    Some other green primers are all green and then you can get a slightly dull skin tone, so you kind of have to have foundation left over to look "healthy" in the skin. But this is more discreet as I said so it also works alone on the skin if you want to reduce the redness a little but still be unmade.

    Reduce redness on the face

    Here I have smeared a fairly thick layer of primer on the back of the hand so that you can see the green light-reflecting pigment clearly. A thin layer does not have that much shimmer.

    Why green tinted primer?

    With a green-toned primer under the make-up, you can apply a less opaque foundation and still get an even skin tone. Many have very even skin tone in general (if you ignore the redness) and really want a lighter and more natural coverage, with a green-toned primer you can get it!

    Red is such an intense color, so if you are going to make it off with just foundation, you need a lot of coverage - and yet it can shine through during the day. It is much easier and more efficient to work with color correcting products.

    I recommend putting thin layers of more products instead of much of one.

    If you e.g. apply this green tinted primer, a light opaque foundation, a little concealer only where you think it is needed (some pimple, pigment stain or similar) and then a powder that neutralizes redness as well. Then you get a very light and natural coverage in most of the face while you conjure away all the irregularities! These thin and fine layers will also last all day without any problems.

    Compared to if you just lay a very thick layer of a more opaque foundation. Thick layers of makeup often hold up poorly, can look cakey and uneven and if it drops a little during the day, the redness will shine through anyway.

    Thin layers + color-correcting products provide better durability, more effective reduction of redness and a natural result at the same time! :)

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    Reduce redness on the face before and after

    Here you see the result of the primer! It is as you see very discreet but still clear difference, the skin looks almost only lighter and it is because redness becomes darker than the skin tone so when you neutralize it away the skin gets its right color like the rest of the face :)

    You can click home for the primer here! And if you want to supplement with a color-correcting powder as well, I can really recommend glo Skin Beauty Redness Relief Powder which is yellowed. As a last step in make-up, you do not want to put on green, but yellow and green are very close to each other in the color circle, so yellow is also effective on redness.

    I hope this tip helps you reduce redness on your face!

    Hugs are! ♥

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