My business week v.34

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    I have thought for quite some time that "after August 25, everything will be back to normal again" and then it has felt so far ahead, but now we are here! :)

    Because after this week, everyone is back from vacation and I also had my last work Saturday at the salon for the summer. So now it feels like autumn for real!

    News from Pixi!
    This week finally came the long awaited news from Pixi, so much fun!

    There are two products that I will put to the test before we possibly include them in the range - Lash lift Mascara and Liquid Fairy Light which are liquid glitter.

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    New already now are several new shades on products that we already have in the range! Both on eyeliner pencils, foundation, liquid concealer, canned concealer and colored lip balm. So it was a lot to grab and I'm not 100% ready yet, but I've come a long way :)

    The first task was to take pictures of everything! New swatch images for the webshop and images for the beauty guide posts that need updating.

    This became a morning project one day when we went to work only after lunch. A photo morning with podcast and coffee in my own photo studio - one of my happy places :)

    Olga helped me put everything new with a barcode in the checkout and then I put everything on the shelves. Product places did not fit with the news now, so it was not just about setting everything up, it was a whole reorganization!

    Then I fixed new product pictures and put everything in the webshop. So what is left is to update swatch pictures and posts, but now it is possible to buy all the news both in our store and in webshop :)

    Photo job for Macapa Sunglasses
    Miska has just gotten in touch with an old friend again who has recently started his own company with stylish sunglasses! Miska may also be involved in that company, very fun!

    The website needed new product images on all sunglasses and work injury as I am, so I started on my free Sunday to take photos and edit the most "difficult" glasses completely without them asking me for it haha.

    The most beautiful sunglasses (in my opinion) have a light off-white frame and rose-colored mirror glasses. However, they are tricky to take pictures because the color in the glass is quite light so they change a lot depending on how they are reflected. Either you see the whole room in the glass or you look straight through and then they do not look at all like they do in reality.

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    So it was a lot of finishing work in photoshop, but it turned out really well in the end :)

    I took the glass from one picture and the frames from another picture, so it's a clip to make them as close to reality as possible.

    Here is the result:

    Surely they are nice? :) SEK 475 costs them and is available (note not sponsored haha).

    I also took a full picture when I have them on:

    I hold a white piece of paper in front so that you do not see my messy dressing table in the glasses haha! In this picture they look more purple but the product picture above is more similar to how the color is in reality.

    Kickoff planning & metrics
    On September 5, we have a kickoff with the company and this week I have completed our powerpoint presentation and counted on new metrics that we will follow during the year.

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    The metrics are a fairly large project, it will now be the 3rd year that we show the figures for the whole team every other week so that they are updated with how things are going for the company. And now that Annika is on maternity leave, it is more important than ever to follow the economy so that you quickly discover if it is going in the wrong direction - and can celebrate when it goes in the right direction of course!

    So the goal with the metrics right now is not that we should increase a lot, but that it should be stable even if you and Annika are excluded completely from the result. And for it to work, you can not only set a goal and then keep your fingers crossed that it will go the way - but you have to count on what is reasonable for each person and follow up all the time so that you can take action on something not working.

    Just the presentation itself was a big project haha! You need to make a new slide image for each point, and our current image consists of lots of points to be listed step by step so only part of the presentation is 27 images :) And just when I was done with it and pressed "play" so I saw that everything was suddenly super small on the screen! So it was just to redo and do the right thing :)

    Saturday job
    The last Saturday of this summer is now over! Me, Ida and Mia took customers on a conveyor belt. I myself had 2 bridal make-up and 1 bridesmaid make-up and in total we all had 11 customers in 4 hours.

    One of the bride's husbands had seen the make-up already after the test make-up and had said that it was really wow-looking. The bride said that they had a lot of trouble before the wedding with cars that broke down, people stuck in long queues etc. so she had been stressed about it in the morning that just about everything was messing up and then her husband had said "but ONE thing comes in all case to be perfect "" what? " "Your makeup!" haha I was sooo so happy when she told me! :) It is above all most important that the bride is happy but it is really a big plus in the edge that the groom also thought it was great :)

    My body needs some rest because now I have been sick for 3 weeks. After the pneumonia became good, I have had a cough, you know those who just hold on and refuse to let go even though you are not really sick anymore. And so I went on the worst thunder cold too, I do not even remember the last time I had a cold, I am so heavenly rare. But on Tuesday and Wednesday I worked from home, which was nice when I had to cheat like every other minute.

    So the first thing I did when I got home last Saturday was to fire down the boiler (we need to fire to get hot water at home in the house) and after three traumatic spider incidents in the basement, I finally got hot water and then lay in the bathtub for four (!) hours.

    I have started watching the series Pretty Little Liars and lay and streaked in the bath with hair wrap and face mask, so heavenly cozy :)

    What a wonderful end to the week!

    Otherwise, everything has rolled on as usual, I have worked from home for two days, we have started with hug meetings now (staff meetings) after the summer break and on Thursday I was almost fully booked with customers so then I stood in the makeup studio all day.

    Now there are only two work weeks left, then it's my turn to have a holiday! :)

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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