Outgrowth vs outgrowth

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    Ida sa…
    “Where did you find the tablets? Do you have a picture from an old outgrowth so we can also see the change? In other words, an outgrowth when you have not used supplements and an outgrowth where you have used supplements, you will see what an outgrowth looked like before you used them. They got a little messy but hope you understand what I mean. ”

    These tablets for hair and nails is available at Yvesrocher.se, you can shop via the Internet!

    It was actually a bit difficult to find a picture of what my growth usually looks like, because as soon as the growth comes, I always crop the pictures over the eyebrows so that it is not visible.

    But I actually found a picture from the previous outgrowth, which was taken 1-2 weeks before it was actually time to color (but since it was Christmas time, I colored two days after the picture was taken). But there is such a big difference so you may understand that the outgrowth had not even become as long as now even if I had waited those weeks;)

    Different hairstyles but you still look good I think:

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    yves-rocher-tablets-for-hair-and-nails-before-and-afterNormal growth length vs growth length after tablets from Yves Rocher.

    Difference huh? :)

    I was asked if I should not show the new hair - of course I should! But on the other hand, I have been so busy this week with stuff every day, so the make-up that will be published until Saturday, I prepared last weekend, so then you will see my old hair. In addition, it was the hairdresser who took photos before and after with her camera, so I'm waiting for the pictures from her!

    Kiss hug!

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