You are so good-looking before you become good-looking

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    Getting fixed is a bit like cleaning up, it always gets messier and messier before you finally get everything in place and look better than before :)


    I am always extremely non-glamorous when I put on make-up. Thick suede clothes, half-finished base make-up that makes the face look completely flat, and the hair in some temporary solution to get it off the face :)

    And of course, a coffee cup with a straw in hand haha! This way you do not have to smudge the lid with lip make-up.

    My daily think-about-anxiety is that someone would surprise with a party or similar and kidnap you when you are half ready. Kind of applied eye shadows on the eyes but not faded them out yet, so that everyone you meet would think you put on make-up so haha. Feels a little bad just thinking about it :)


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    You will get the after-pictures soon;)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Haha, recognize that thing about being half-finished! ;) A few years ago, there was always a pre-party with me (I was then the only one who lived in the city), and everyone always came just when I showered! So you run around in party clothes and look like a bruised panda in the face (before you have finished putting on make-up, as I said, I also like strong party make-up, hehe) and with a glass of wine in hand. Haha, my friends were always just as shocked, and just as impressed with the end result! = P

    2. Hahha my biggest horror is that it kind of starts to burn electricity something when I'm half done with the make-up so I have to run out like that. I have some strange thoughts sometimes: P

      • Hahahahaha yes that thought strikes me too sometimes! I went down half-made-up to the laundry room this week with lots of loose powder under my eyes in case the shadow would fall on my cheeks, met the landlord and stood and chatted for a while and wondered why he looked at me so strangely, before I figured it out;) Think to sit like that at the police station or whatever if the police were to knock on the door (why would they do that now). And then they have started a black sweep as well haha. Terrible! :)

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