10 Make-up tips - Bridal make-up on your own!

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    Here are some tips for you who will fix the bridal makeup yourself, more specifically 10 make-up tips for your bridal make-up and a hair tip will also surprise you!

    There is not only one make-up that is the perfect bridal make-up, the most important thing is that the bride herself feels beautiful! You want to be a little extra nice this day, but still recognize yourself.

    In other words, if you hardly put on make-up at all otherwise, a classic bridal make-up can feel too much, and the opposite - if you put on a lot of make-up everyday, then you do not feel good in a classic bridal make-up either because it is so neutral .

    This post is therefore dedicated to you who have no idea how to do, and not guidelines for how a bridal makeup "should" be. Hope you like! :)

    10 makeup tips to make your own bridal makeup

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    1. Do not bother about it

    A bridal make-up is really just a little extra glamorous everyday make-up, which with fixed hair and a wedding dress makes you a princess! So if you start by fixing the makeup, you may feel a little bored before you finish, but it's the whole thing that does the job. You therefore do not have to see the bridal make-up as the worst technical problem, start practicing before the big day, take your time for a nice foundation and drive on safe cards that you know you can handle!

    2. Look good on cards

    The two most important details to look good in all the photos that will be taken by you, are sun protection factor and blush. Sun protection factor should be skipped altogether !! Products with spf reflect light and can make your skin tone look gray. You can use mineral make-up, however, it has natural sun protection automatically, but it is because you have "stone" in the face and not because it is added substances that reflect light. However, you should still put make-up on the neck and décolleté (depending on how your dress looks) because the make-up can still light up differently, especially in pictures with flash, and then it is best to be on the safe side and not get the facial tone in another color than the rest.

    The blush is important to consider if you are going to take pictures in black and white. In a black and white image, the blush becomes a gray shadow instead of a nice color, and if you have it in the middle of the cheek, your cheek will look pressed. Place it along the cheekbone and up to the ear but not as far forward as the "apple cheek".

    10 makeup tips bridal makeup on your own

    3. Eyeshadows

    A safe bet is to only bet on two eye shadows - one that is light and shimmery, and one that is darker and matte. The shimmery one enlarges the eyes and can e.g. applied to the entire eyelid, in the corner of the eye and under the brow. Think beforehand if you want a light shade that goes with champagne or pink.

    The matte slightly darker shade (how dark depends on whether you thrive in distinctive make-up or light) you can put in the crease line and maybe even at the end of the eyelid to highlight what you have enlarged. Then you get more depth in the eyes, while the matte and shimmery in the shadows create contrasts and emphasize each other.

    Fade out the edges a lot, partly for a soft impression but also to hide any asymmetry that easily occurs if you are not used to working with eye shadows.

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    bridal makeup eyes

    4. Focus on the top of the eye

    If you put on a neutral make-up with a focus around the whole eye, it will only look neutral, but if it is just a focus above the eye, the attention will end up in one place and then you get more effect with less make-up. You can apply eye shadow under the eye, this tip mainly applies to eyeliner and mascara. It can be compared to smoky eyes, you get more focus on the eyes if you have light lips, although in this case the make-up above the eye is more visible if you have lighter under. That the focus ends up above the eye also lifts the gaze and makes you look alert!

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    In addition, the tip is good if you have an easy time shedding a tear, because even if the make-up lasts pretty well for a few tears, it is still nice to be able to wipe them off quickly without having to think about not rubbing on the make-up.

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    5. Stylish eyelashes

    Stylish eyelashes can make the whole look. If you have nice ones naturally, just bend them a little and be sparing with mascara (many take too much, which becomes clumsy and spider-like). Otherwise, I also like false eyelashes, but you also do not want the lashes to cover the entire make-up, then I recommend cutting off a regular false eyelash so that it does not go all the way to the corner of the eye but only sits at the outer edge of the lash line. Then you get a lot of effect at the same time as it is natural! If you want even less effect, tripod lashes are nice too, however, it takes longer and is more fussy to get nice.

    eyelashes bridal makeup

    A short loose lash, this is what it looks like without mascara and then with mascara on, it becomes very natural but still effective!

    6. Durable makeup

    Waterproof mascara and eyeliner is recommended, and if you do not have such products at home that you are happy with already, buy it at home well before the wedding so you have time to put them to the test and see how well you think they work for your particular eyes. A product that suits my needs may be worse for someone else, but in budget class I like Lumene, Yves Rocher and Max Factor!

    I guess many people do their bridal makeup themselves for financial reasons, in such cases it is foundation, eye shadow primer, mascara and eyeliner you should prioritize to buy in good quality. If the products are good, the rest of the make-up (eye shadows, blush, sun powder, glitter, brow shadow, etc.) will be good and last a long time automatically.

    7. Lust

    As I wrote earlier today so Pale Shimmer is a great product to get a nice glow in the skin! I usually use it on the nose bones, cheeks forehead, chin, collarbones and shoulders. Another tip is to peel off dead skin cells the days before the wedding, have your head over steaming water (you can boil water on the stove and have your head over the saucepan) so the pores open and it becomes like a facial sauna, then scrub the skin with a mild peeling when the pores are still open. Finish with a moisturizing face mask! The skin has a very nice natural glow if you get rid of all dead skin cells.

    8. Details

    You want to do something with the make-up that you do not usually do every day, and there are small simple details that you can add to the bridal make-up to make it a little more fun. For example, if you have a color theme (or a specific color on the bridal bouquet or any accessory), you can add a small color click with that color somewhere on the make-up. For example, pink eye shadow in the middle of the eyelid or purple eye shadow at the bottom of the lower lash line.

    Light glitter in the corner of the eye is also very nice and makes a big difference to the whole. Eyeliner, filled eyebrows, a different lip color than usual are also details that make a big difference!

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    10 Make-up tips - Bridal make-up on your own!

    9. Basic make-up

    If you like mineral powder, liquid foundation, cc-cream, bb-cream or something else, it is a matter of taste, but having a product that suits your skin type is very important for it to last all day. If you do not have the strength to familiarize yourself with what skin type you have, or the difference between oil-based and water-based foundation and "blah blah" - as many uninterested people think when they hear me talk about things like this, then I can recommend mineral powder! I always prefer mineral powders, and think it suits everyone's skin types. You can easily vary the degree of coverage, and if you are dry, you just need to lubricate yourself properly before the powder adheres very well anyway and if you are oily, the skin stays dull longer during the day. In addition, it is easy to improve in the event of an "accident", e.g. if you get so moved that you cry so much that the makeup is ruined down on the cheeks :)

    The most important thing is just to take a little at a time, and work it properly into the skin. Then you get both a sustainable and natural result!

    10. Lips

    What kind of lips you choose dark / light / glossy / red / pink, etc. does not matter much, but keep in mind that it should be easy and quick to improve, and you also do not want to smear yourself too much when you kiss your husband. A light lip gloss or just a lip liner is what I recommend. Lip gloss (as long as it is not a giant pigment-rich lip gloss) does not discolour so much and is easy for the man to discreetly wipe off, do not apply a thick and sticky layer only :) Lip pencil gives more pigment if you prefer, and becomes dull lips and therefore in principle does not get off at all. Classic "gloss sticks" that have become so popular are to be recommended, as they are so easy to produce and apply!

    Bright lips will emphasize your eyes more and create a nice balance, but colorful lips are a good tip if you want to be seen more but do not like so much makeup around the eyes.

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    Hair for bridal makeup

    I really am not good at hair, but sleeping with a braid for nice natural curls and buying a nice hair accessory would have been my salvation :)

    For nice half sets, I have also realized that it is very easy and nice to roll your hair in different ways! Take e.g. a loop from each side of the hair in front of the face and roll backwards, fastened in the middle of the back of the head with a fine buckle. Or as I did a little fast today, rolled the whole one side so that all the hair ended up on the other. Then I just rolled a loop from the side with the most hair, and fastened with hairpins and a flower:

    hair for bridal makeup

    There are a lot of tips and tricks, but as I said, it depends on how visible make-up you want and what details you enjoy. It feels like I got the most basic tips anyway! :)

    Hope this was helpful for someone, and remember that these tips also work for other occasions such as prom, student or for the bridesmaids at the wedding!

    I have also made a great post bridal makeup that you can find on: Wedding Special - Make your own bridal makeup

    If you do not want to do your own bridal make-up, it is also possible to book with us Creative Makeup. :)


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